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LG G Watch & Initial Impressions


A phone for the sake of a phone

Smartphones of the past were phones that required a stylus to scroll up and down on your screen. They were so big, it was deemed uncool to carry one unless you used it for work.

I’m talking about a time when network operators charged you four SMS’s for one picture message, twelve month contracts were normal, mobile phone insurance was free and everybody was on Everyday 50 tariff in the UK. This was a time when your Nokia phone would start to heat your ear up if you were on it for too long and ariel stubs were still the norm.

How times have changed.Seven years on and we are in a period of the smartphone dominance. Today, if you do not have a smartphone, you are probably seen as being out of touch and old school. In a way, I kind of envy those people who don’t have a smartphone in their lives. As they probably are not reliant on technology to read, write or even interact socially with others.

Back in 2007 I was using the Sony Ericsson P1i, one of the best smartphones I had owned. I could stream TV sports, use my stylus or keyboard to write emails, take pictures and be able to put the phone in my pocket unlike the Nokia communicators. It was built on a Symbian Os that you could tweak yourself and it even had features like,reject a call with an automated SMS message. Wow that device was innovative for its time and was aesthetically designed well too.

Sony was not one of the leading players in the mobile industry but they had a reputation of creating technology that was both innovative and fashionable. Manufacturers from an Asian origin were required to move forward with innovation in small electronic devices, to the extent where they would have create two or three versions of a device to accommodate the different cultures. A version of a phone for for the Asian market , one for Europe and one for the rest of the world.

The one thing the likes of Sony or any other big manufacturers could not do – was design a phone that that understood human interface. Then out of nowhere, came the Jesus phone.Yep you got it, the iPhone. Made by Apple and a product that made us adapt to it and the way we used our phones.

I was not a major lover or follower of the Apple story and my biggest concern was the technology within the phone, not the operating system. Ever since I was seventeen years old, I had been obsessed with technology and the Intricacies of the latest innovations. So when the Jesus phone was released,I was not the first to purchase one. It took me several months for me to realise the lack of technology capabilities within the phone- such as no 3G or up and coming video calling, were just minor obstacles. Apple had created a phone based on design and simple human interface needs and everything just worked. Apple had entered a market and dictated where and how their phones would be sold and even which networks could sell their product. This was a first and it changed the whole mobile industry.

In a way the rest is history. We are now in 2013 and I have never moved away from the iPhone. I have had all versions and now been on the iPhone 5s for a month. It was not an easy decision to buy one, as for the first time in six years,I actually wanted to move away from Apple. The problem is, what do you move to? Microsoft is still developing, Ubuntu is too new and Android is not as polished. Until another manufacturer masters their own Os that can really compete with iOS, us accidental Apple fanboys will be stuck in the Apple system. A system that reminds me of the Microsoft dominance from a decade ago.

The Apple iPhone is no longer for tech savvy geeks but now for anyone and everyone. There is no uniqueness and advantages of owning an iPhone. The likes of Google, Sony and Nokia have all caught up in both tech and human design. What has happened with the iPhone? In an attempt to have mass market appeal,it has stopped innovating and simply become the go to phone that just simply works. A phone for the sake of a phone.


Change Brings Reflection

In May 2013 I went through a major paradigm shift in my mind and permanent shift in my life. I went from what can only be described as a, techno geek and internet junkie with a love for gadgets, toys and travelling to someone who does not resemble me or someone I have seen in the mirror before.

I find myself reflecting on some of the characteristics I believe have changed me for the better:

– Selfish. Something I would not have said about myself before but something I have become as the weeks have gone on. I want to protect the inner circle and push away the negative attitudes, the questions and the forced opinions.

– Values. Culture and religion have always been a part of my life,however, they have never been pushed onto me. I pick and choose the aspects I like and justify the exemption of the rest. Now more than ever, I pursue guidance to help those around me and look to make the right decision quickly.

– Reflection. I spend more time looking back at my life and embrace those experiences and situations that stand out for me – making me what I am today. For better or for worse, I look at death differently and want to leave a notion of pride and enthusiasm behind.

– Creativity. I look for new ways to take pictures, write my thoughts and create a timeline of experiences. I have become more ridged in this area and concentrate more on content over process.

– Productivity. As a techno geek, the latest app or piece of technology would always change my work flow and i would always justify a change in the process and reasons for the lack of productivity. I now see the basic things like going to the gym as a perk and not a given. I find myself wanting to be more focused and concentrating on getting things done,so I have more time for family.

– Flexible thinking. Who’s needs do you put first. In a perfect world I would mutually reinforce the importance of everyone in the inner circle. But on this juounery we called life on this beautiful blue planet, needs “are to varying degrees in opposition, imposing frustrations and sorrows and forcing mutual adaptation” says the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP).

I am not that old, so i can’t look back on life and be over philosophical. But the first time I held you in my arms my beautiful son, i became a wiser man with a mission to be the best Dad i can.