‘Dear Mr Gove…’ An Open Letter to the UK Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove

As someone who has become a father for the first time, I am really scared what our education system is going to do to my son.

There were very few good teachers when I was at school and today I go out of my way to fill the gaps I feel I missed on when I was a lad, simple things like enjoying a book and expressing myself creatively.

It feels we need to go abroad to provide a better education for our son. Sweeden here we come.

Secret Teacher

Dear Mr Gove,

I read recently how you described the current cohort of teachers in the UK as “…the best generation of teachers ever seen in our classrooms- including the very best generation ever of young teachers.” You described how you believe teachers hold the success to this country and the well being of its citizens in their hands.You rightly claim that teachers are the most important fighters in the battle to make opportunity more equal. Therefore, I hope you will appreciate how difficult it is that I, as a young teacher, have felt the need to explain how I feel, Mr Gove, as I am exhausted, demoralised, disengaged and surfeited.

I attended a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) session today. In this conference we, as a group of professionals, sought to address the imbalance between boys and girls attainment in reading and writing. We examined a multitude of ways to support…

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